Welcome to the Global Indigenous Studies Network!

What does it mean to be Indigenous? Why do some ethnic minorities in the world embrace this concept, while others refuse to describe themselves as such? How are identities tied in with linguistic practices, and what is the significance of more than 3,000 languages worldwide being on the brink of extinction? The Global Indigenous Studies Network (GISN) at Indiana University is here to explore these questions.

Goal of GISN

Recognizing the unique contexts of all cultures and Indigenous identities, the network will examine local practices and needs within a globalizing world and discuss the role and possibilities of Indigenous Studies for the future.

The Future of GISN

The future is looking bright for the Global Indigenous Studies Network. GISN is dedicated to empowering Indigenous communities, individuals, and allies by providing essential resources, fostering successful partnerships and collaborations, and highlighting impactful research and advocacy endeavors around the globe. Visit our Mission Statement page to learn more.

Inaugural Conference on Global Indigenous Studies

Join GISN this fall at our first Conference on Global Indigenous Studies!

November 15-17, 2024
Indiana University, Bloomington, IN

We are now accepting proposal submissions for CGIS 2024! Visit our Call for Proposals page  for more information. Registration will open soon.

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Land Acknowledgement

We wish to acknowledge and honor the Indigenous communities native to this region and recognize that Indiana University Bloomington is built on Indigenous homelands and resources. We recognize the myaamiaki, Lënape, Bodwéwadmik, and saawanwa people as the past, present, and future caretakers of this land. For more information, please visit the IU First Nations Educational & Cultural Center.