Our Programs

Teacher Exchange Program

The Global Indigenous Studies network at HLS is working on creating an international exchange program that will make it possible for educators working with Native/Indigenous children to travel abroad to experience how other societies are developing tools and theories for teaching Indigenous cultures, languages, histories, and identities. The initial goals for this program include:

  • International exchange of ideas and tools
  • Development of Indigenous pedagogies (decentralizing theories)
  • Creation of global networks across Indigenous communities


We are in the process of creating an international database and public-facing interactive map of researchers working on issues of Indigenous Studies. Through this initiative, we hope to make it easier for researchers, media, governments, and the general public to find and contact experts across the world. As per fall 2022, we have only just begun the work of collecting the necessary data, so please check in again later for updates, or sign up for our email listserv (link here to such a list).

Land Acknowledgement

We wish to acknowledge and honor the Indigenous communities native to this region and recognize that Indiana University Bloomington is built on Indigenous homelands and resources. We recognize the myaamiaki, Lënape, Bodwéwadmik, and saawanwa people as the past, present, and future caretakers of this land. For more information, please visit the IU First Nations Educational & Cultural Center.